GRÁVALOSDIMONTE, Arquitectura Zaragoza



estonoesunsolar winning project at LLGAwards 2013 Cities pilot the future _ San Francisco

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estonoesunsolar  the urban programme developped in the city of Zaragoza by gravalosdimonte architects, and managed by the Sociedad Municipal Zaragoza Vivienda, has been awarded at LLGA2013 as one of the best urban solutions.
After 3 months of research, 2,535 candidates and two rounds of Jury involving 159 global experts we are definitely one of the 22 LLGA2013 winners! There were 120 nominated urban and social solutions for this year’ s 22 participating cities. The LLGA | Cities Summit held this week in San Francisco, where leading solution providers connected with municipal decision makers to share and further inform their communities. An exclusive event for representatives from the 22 participating cities and other invited cities, as well as the winning solution providers. Cities are typically represented by officials related to their challenge as well as representatives from their smart city/innovation departments who are scouting for interesting companies. Gravalosdimonte architects had the great opportunity to share their knowledge and connect with cities in the LLGA 2013 summit in San Francisco as the aim of  is to provide   smart solutions  and improve the lives of citizens around the world.

estonoesunsolar-gravalosdimonte winner LLGA 2013 best urban solution

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