GRÁVALOSDIMONTE, Arquitectura Zaragoza



exhibition “Testify!The consequence of architecture! at the DAZ, Berlin

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Architecture of Consequence specifically focuses on projects that:
– are more than just a great idea,
– combine challenges in an innovative way,
– present a believable alternative future,
– meet social needs,
– give the user a central role,
– can bring about positive change in the long and short term.
The exhibition, curated by Lukas Feireiss, gathers 25 projects from around the globe that have taken the chance to open themselves up to critical self-reflection, submitting to a non-biased evaluation of their work from a lived-in perspective. Estonoesunsolar by the architects Patrizia Di Monte and Ignacio Grávalos is one of the 25 selected projects.
The Consequences of Architecture, originally conceived for the Netherlands Architecture Institute in Rotterdam is now on at DAZ, Köpenicker Straße, 10179 Berlin, from february the 10th till march the 18th.

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