GRÁVALOSDIMONTE, Arquitectura Zaragoza



gravalosdimonte lecturers at Cité de l’ architecture et du patrimoine_Paris

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gravalosdimonte have been invited to take part as lectureres at the international symposium  “Alterarchitectures Conference”, at Cité de l’ architecture e du Patrimoine. “Alterarchitectures in Europe” is supported by Culture EU as a bottom-up observatory of innovative projects in order to establish a legal and political vademecum in the service of every public. The idea is to value the multiplicity of the creative solutions, constructive, social and ecological, to spread these experiments for the implementation of jurisprudence. This observatory aims at democratizing the architecture, valuing the know-how, developing the standards and administrative frames. The Cite de I’architecture & du patrimoine organizes a symposium in order to present the researches and results coming from the inventory of 5 different European planning projects.

Cité de l’ architecture et du Patrimone, Paris, 23th of october, h. 10.30 a.m.

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