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Reuso temporal de espacios en desuso
Reuso temporal de espacios en desuso edificios abandonados y vacios urbanos

Workshop, citizen board and 5 days event with public and private ownership, cultural associations, citizens, artists and international experts to compare planning devices and availability of space in the Municipality of Milan.The temporary reuse days will help to design the new vocation of 9 abandoned and underutilized public spaces,and to be reactivated with public calls open to the citizens. Thematic groups on: land use, temporary reuse, DIY. The temporary reuse days are edited by Temporisuo association and the Department of Architecture and Planning of Politecnico di Milano University, are promoted by the Municipality of Milan, the Politecnico di Milano and part of the IF-Immagina il Futuro (envisions future) event,the initiative is promoted by the Province of Milan and the Chamber of Commerce of Milan.

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